fe27grtreelistTrees are wonderful additions to Laramie landscapes, where it’s almost always sunny and windy! The trees listed below are known to do well in the semi-arid, cold (in the winter), windy plains of Wyoming.

  • Kentucky Coffeetree – zone 4, nitrogen fixer, messy pods but nice foliage
  • Peking Lilac – 15′-20′
  • Japanese Lilac – 20′-30′ tall, zone 4
  • Ginkgo – zone 3-4, trees come as males or females – males lack the sticky fruits the females have
  • Bigtooth Maple – zone 3, multi-stemmed (shrublike) or single stemmed (treelike), lovely fall color, fewer issues of chlorosis (yellowing of leaves)
  • Tatarian Maple “Hot Wings” – zone 2, bright pink seed pods (shown right)
  • Scotch Pine – zone 3, 60-100′, exfoliating bark, similar in appearance to white Pine
  • Three Leaf Sumac – waxy green leaves, low-grow approx. 2′ tall
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