Laramie Garden Club Events

plantsale2012lgAnyone is welcome to attend Laramie Garden Club meetings! Feel free to stop by and check out how the group interacts and is organized, and join at any time! Click here to learn more about membership.

All meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month, January-June, September and October. Meetings will be held online until further notice.  Email for the zoom link.


Laramie Garden Club Meetings and Other Programs for 2020

Laramie Garden Club Meetings 

Everyone is invited to all meetings to hear the presentations and meet gardeners with experience in Laramie’s challenging climate.

Next Meeting:
September 22, 2020
Email for the zoom link.
“Specialty Cut Flower Production and Pollinator Visitation in a High Altitude Climate” Presented by Samantha Nobes

Upcoming Events:
Check back for information about our next event!

3 thoughts on “Events

  1. On behalf of my Ark Horticulture students we were delighted that our leeks were chosen “Judge’s Choice Outstanding Exhibit in Open Garden at this year’s Fair. We have made you all a lovely thank you card but I am nervous about mailing it as it’s made on our own homemade paper and is rather fragile. May we drop it off somewhere convenient before your next meeting?
    Susan (760-2140 or 742-6641 at the Ark)

  2. Looking forward to attending my first meeting this February (was out of town for January’s meeting) and joining. I really just got into gardening semi-seriously in Laramie last year.

  3. Hello, Jai. Thanks for your suggestion. The LGC no longer does public garden tours, and the Garden Gem program (in conjunction with the Boomerang and other groups in town) is only applicable to yard spaces that can be viewed from the sidewalk/road by passersby.

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