Join LGC

Laramie Garden Club's annual plant saleJoin the Laramie Garden Club – everyone is welcome! We encourage gardeners of all ages, interests and expertise to join the club, and could use your help in maintaining the many gardens we support around town!

What you give:
Membership to the Laramie Garden Club only requires $5 dues per year, attendance at some of the monthly meetings, and volunteering your time in at least one area (garden at one of the Garden Club beds, help out at the plant sale, bring snacks and refreshments to a monthly meeting, etc.).

Laramie Garden Club membershipWhat you get:
In return, you tap into the extraordinary resources of the Garden Club members and connect with other individuals in Laramie who share your interest in and passion for gardening. You also get an opportunity to serve the community by beautifying our shared spaces – parks, government building landscapes and more.

How to start:
Contact the Laramie Garden Club at to indicate your interest – or merely stop by the next meeting to see what it’s like and join if you wish!

Laramie Garden Club members in 2014

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