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Contact the Laramie Garden Club

email-envelopeThe Laramie Garden Club invites you to submit any questions related to gardening in Laramie to  A Garden Club member with expertise in the area of your question will respond as soon as possible!

calendarWe also welcome new members at any point of the year – regardless of how new to or experienced in gardening you are, or how you identify your gardening goals and interests. Visit the Laramie Garden Club’s events page to find the next meeting.

Join our Laramie All Things Gardening Group on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi all
    I’m a new member. Moved to Laramie last April from Missouri. I have about a dozen rooted sweet potato slips. Don’t know the variety, got it at the Big Hollow, but it has sort of a maroon skin with similar color meat. Please let me know if anyone would like some.
    John Jansen

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