Welcome to the Laramie Garden Club!Laramie Garden Club in Laramie, WY

‘The Laramie Garden Club is a volunteer-based organization of gardeners in Laramie – new and experienced – determined to put their green thumbs to work against all odds. Garden Club members share resources and inspiration on gardening in this challenging high-plains environment! Together, the members of the Laramie Garden Club have over 400 years of gardening experience at 7,200′!

Our biggest event of the year is the annual Plant Sale, which allows community members to purchase fruits, veggies, flowers, trees and shrubs started and grown by Garden Club members.

Laramie Garden Club members in 2014

Garden with the Laramie Garden Club!

We welcome all types of gardeners, with all levels of experience. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities and joining, or contact laramiegardenclub@gmail.com with questions!

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of most months of the year. Come to our next meeting and learn more!

One thought on “Home

  1. Hi, I miss you guys!….I was a member from 1991 until we moved back to NC in 1998…..We have a rare snow this weekend here in Chapel Hill,NC, but I remember well the Wyoming wind and my little garden there in Laramie….The people are Definitely warmer than the weather!….
    Love and fond memories,
    Susan Resnik

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